Updated 03/20/2012

Tips for Minx Series parts,  most taken from postings to the Hillman Listserve.  The information has no guarantee of any kind, implied or otherwise. 


The Jaguar (XK-120/140/150) uses the same duct hose and it costs about $35 for a few feet.

One Hillman owner says: "I used the hose listed for the Austin-Healey on my series I Husky and I was pleased with the way it turned out. has it listed under Austin-Healey Heating/Air Conditioning item number 154, Hose 3 1/4" diameter $18.95 each, the clips (item 155) for $2.95 each. I wasn't real happy with the wire clips and had a few chose words while installing them, but once they were on, they look pretty nice."

BRAKE PARTS 1959 Series III :

Most front brake parts for this car are similar to a MG TD (except shoes). Otherwise the master cylinder and wheel cylinders are all quite close, as are the rebuilding kits.  Front wheel cylinders from a drum braked MGA will also fit with some mods to the backing plate. Lockheed made two different styles of front wheel cylinders in the mid to late fifties. It seems Rootes used a more modern style with a sealing ring type of cup while BMC (the MG maker) used an older style "cup" seal. The two cylinders are almost the same, only the piston and the angle of the connection for the crossover pipe is different. The good part of the MG cylinder is that you can buy cups at auto parts stores and rebuild the MG cylinders for less then $1 each. But be warned, there are necessary changes to the backing plate required for this swap (drilling, cutting).

4 new front wheel cylinders for MGA drum brake model are $29 each from Moss Motors (part number 180-640 for right front {x2} and 180-650 for left front {x2}).  Hose is $21 (part numbers 180-830 ), but might not be long enough). . Rear wheel cylinders will not interchange because MG version uses only one tapped access hole in the back for connection purposes to the hydraulic system that will not allow you to use a bleeder screw to bleed the brakes (essential on a Minx).

Regarding 59' Minx brakes, a Sunbeam Alpine Series I clutch master cylinder will work as a brake master cylinder PROVIDED you install the valve from the original brake master cylinder that you are replacing.


Brake shoes are available through HD Rogers and Sons for $19.95 (subject to market fluxuations) per axle, plus core charge.


The clutch and pressure plate for a 59' Minx should be the same ones used on the Sunbeam Alpine Series I.... check and make sure it is an eight inch clutch (the earlier 1390cc models used a 7 1/2 inch).    Clutch on the 1959 Minx is supposed to be a 8 inch spring type. It should be identical to the one used in the 1960 Sunbeam Alpine. Sunbeam Specialties in Los Gatos California also has a catalog and has alot of Hillman parts-just ask them.

Important things about the clutch hydraulic system.....

  1. The slave cylinder mounts on REAR side of the engine
  2. There is a spring running from a bolted on bracket where the slave cylinder bolts to the block to the clutch operating lever (it actually functions as a cotter pin for the rod to mount to the operating lever).
  3. The bleeder is in the upper hole on the slave cylinder, the hydraulic line goes into the bottom hole.
  4. The clutch master cylinder and the brake master cylinder are exactly identical EXCEPT for a line pressure valve on the brake master cylinder. This valve maintains a small amount of pressure in the brake system. If your clutch master cylinder has this valve, you will have problems. The only way that I know of to check for that valve is to open up the master cylinder and look for it. It is in the return spring at the outlet end of the cylinder.
  5. To bleed the clutch hydraulic system, you must also bleed the slave cylinder as a bubble of air can get caught in there-you do this by disconnecting the rod from the clutch lever and pushing it into the slave cylinder while bleeding, then reconnect the rod and bleed normally.

The above should fix all hydraulic problems.... note that the hydraulic clutch system on the early cars uses a steel line, later cars used plastic (not good).


Corvair manifold donuts work - they come in sets of 8..... 6 for cylinders to manifold and then 2 (one for each side) for manifold to exhaust pipe. You need the manifold to exhaust pipe ones, they require some carving out to fit right, but you do not have to use longer studs. Use the ones for the base model Corvair (80/85/92/110 hp)..... NOT the Corsair 140 HP model. It's the one that all the parts stores used to have the donuts for hanging on a board!

For those of you who own a Singer Gazelle Series IIIA (twin carb) and Sunbeam Rapier with 1 3/4 inch exhaust- use a Falcon 6 cylinder (1960-63) donut. Again, it will take a little but of fitting, but will work well.

FANBELT 1959 Series III :

Same as for the 1960 Series I Sunbeam Alpine.

FLOOR SHIFT CONVERSION-  19571958/1959 Series Cars

This is an easy and somewhat popular conversion. You need the transmission cover and floor shift lever from a Series I Husky or from a Series II or III Minx Special. Then just remove the column linkage and either drop the trans or cut a bigger hole in the floor and remove the transmission cover-replace it with the floor shift cover and away you go. You cannot use the floor shift from a 1960 or later Minx or an Alpine because they require a bigger transmission hump in the floor. Another possibility is to replace engine and trans with an automatic from a 1964 (Series V) or later Minx. Then there will be no shifting at all and this is almost a bolt in.


Gerald has manufactured these floor pans for many years, and everyone who has purchased them is impressed with the quality build.

Gerald Shetler
9022 Martin Road
Kirtland, Ohio 44094 USA
E-mail: _cjas1223(at)yahoo.com_ (mailto:cjas1223(at)


Front wheel bearings (but NOT spindle) from Alpine I will fit this Minx.


All fuel pumps on Series I through VI Hillmans and all Sunbeam Alpines, Arrows and Alpine GT's through 1970 are interchangeable. The early pumps had a glass cover, the later ones metal. The early pumps had pipe threaded fittings, the later ones pressed-in brass tubes.  Early ones had a priming lever on the bottom, later ones do not.  Otherwise they are the same. The late forties through early fifties Chevy 6 cylinder fuel pump (AC Delco) used the same upper parts and will bolt right on.


59' Minx Special - Ignition switch is identical to the one used in a 1959 Austin Healey Sprite (light colored switch around the outside of the ignition switch). The starter switch is also Bug Eye Sprite. Same with all of the electrical system-starter, generator, regulator, etc - all Bug Eye Sprite will work.    The ignition switch/light switch, starter switch and cables are also the same on the Austin Healey Sprite Mark I.

58' Minx Deluxe - Use the generic switches available at most auto supply/parts stores, like Pep Boys.  Although they are made in either China, Taiwan, or some other country, they are a cheap alternative to the pricy Lucas gear, and work just as well.  Cost for these is in the $8.00 range!

60' Hillman Minx Series IIIB De Luxe Convertible: Ignition switch w/key is available from Victoria and Sunbeam Specialties- same as 1960 Series I and II Sunbeam Alpines.


Original UK-style fender mount mirrors (single large bolt hole required) are available through Victoria British and Moss Motors.   Cost - Pricey.

J.C. Whitney carries a clampp on mirror that mounts to the door frame that is a correct period piece for Series Minx, and requires no drilled holes in the sheet metal.  One problem with these is that they are not reversable for the passenger side.  Cost - about $17 each.

OIL FILTER 1959 Series III  (Cannister Style Cartridge):

Same as for Triumph TR2 - TR3.  Moss Motors is a good source. 

If you can find a later Minx car being parted out look for the spin-on cartridge 1600cc motor and remove the cartridge base for a bolt-on conversion for the 1490cc Series III Minx (AKA "1500") motor. WARNING: Some of the spin-on adaptors have a defective brass ball in the relief valve.  ONLY USE the adaptor if it has a steel ball in the relief valve.  ALSO - Relief valves are not interchangable between the oil canister type and the modern spin-on type.

Verified Filter Replacement Parts:

  1. Crossland 414 (UK)
  2. FRAM 820PL
  3. UNIPART 950-580 (GFE749)


Series Minx uses Enamel paint.  Color matching is somewhat difficult unless you are lucky enough to have an old paint chart from the 60's for Dupont or DeBeers.  Best bet is to have a same color part "scanned" electronically by the local paint shop.


Wheels as you know are unique to Hillmans. Although 4 bolt Ford wheels also have a 4 1/4 inch bolt circle. Cortina rims will fit.   Hillman/Sunbeam 13 inch wheels will NOT work cars normally equipped with 15" rims.

STARTER and GENERATOR 1958/1959 :

Generator and starter and most other electrical parts for the 59' Minx are identical with a MG TD.  Generator, starter, regulator from an MGA will work (also from Alpine Series I).  For a 58 Minx, the starter for a 1958 MGA will work fine, as will one for an Austin Healy Sprite. Both are readily available - try Moss Motors in Goletta CA (about $80).


The "Parts America" gas-charged shock, number 20829 is a direct replacement for the 57-63 Minx Series I-IIIC

The Series Minx uses the same front shocks as the Sunbeam Alpine and Victoria British or Kip Motors may also have them (at premium prices). Series I-IIIC front shocks on those cars are the same as 1976-1978 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham. The rear shocks are the same as a 1968 Mustang (studs on both ends).
Mid-60s Chevy Nova (Chevy-Two) idler arm bushings are a direct replacement for Hillman Minx ball joint type suspension lower 'A' arm bushings.


The water pump was used only on Rootes cars but the pump from the Sunbeam Alpine Series I will fit. The Pump from the Series II and later requires a different pulley.  If you can get a pulley from a Super Minx it will work and allow you to use the later pump. You can buy new water pumps from any of the Sunbeam Parts outfits.... Tiger Tom, Sunbeam Specialities, Victoria British, etc.


Kip Motors had both windshield and rear window gasket....  but it is not quite right (slightly too small) which is probably from Kip making the reproduction molds for the new gaskets from old, shrunken original gaskets.   It definitely requires a windshield expert to install.  Someone who really knows how glass was installed in old cars could do it with Kip's gaskets.


If you can find a dealer stocking TRICO brand wipers, the 11-6 part with the red artwork will fit Series Minx Perfectly, and is made in England, to boot!