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Sotiris Sgouros' Hillman 16 Website

U.S.A. - United States of America

Brian's 63 Hillman Super Minx
Doug's Cars
Evan Hillman's Homepage
Kenny's Free 1959 Hillman
McLellan's Literature
Rootes Group Depot
Team Rootes Chassis Build Dates Listing
Tom's Hillman Website
The Sunbeam Rapier Online Registry

United Kingdom - England - Great Britain

Rootes Archive Centre website
Association of Rootes Car Clubs
Andy's The Hillman Site
Avenger & Sunbeam Owners Club
Charlie's Hillman Minx Site
Chrysler Europe - Simca, Rootes
Corona Classic Cars
Colin McCormick's Avenger Site
Dave Good's Hillman Page
David Clark's "Humberonia"
Hillman Owners Club
History of the Rootes Group
John Layte's Hillman Aero Minx Site
John Robert's Custom Hillman Models
Phil Seed's Virtual Auto Museum
Phil Speakman's Hillman Minx VI
R.Grieve's Super Minx
Rootes 1725cc Shop Manual
The Rootes Group
Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Price Guide
Other Source - There is a company in Windsor in Berkshire U.K. that sell new, Yes New Minx Master Cylinders for Clutch and Brakes and wheel cylinders. The company is called Powertrack (phone number 01753-842680) If you are calling from outside the U.K. use your dialling code for the U.K. and leave off the first zero.


Hillman Car.Com - 1928 Minx Info
Ben Cook's 59' Hillman Minx
Trent Donovan's Hillman Wizard Page
Tazydevilbear's Hillman Tribute
Hillman Owners Club of Australia
Hillman Owners Club of South Australia
Hillman Listserve 
Ken Young's 1939 Hillman 14
Rootes Group Car Club
The Imp Site


Rootes Car Club Norway


Isuzu's Hillman Involvement


Hillmans In Peru Web

Other British Car Links

MG Owners' Club
Central Virginia British Car Club

Sunbeam Links

The Classic Car-Nection
Classic Sunbeam
TIGER Auto Service
Sunbeam Alpine Parts/Suppliers
Sunbeam Specialties
Tigers East/Alpines East
Sunbeam Tigers U.K. site

Pictures and Galleries

The Autochannel

U.S. Hillman Parts Suppliers
For additional tips on replacements for Minx Series cars go here.

British Car Keys
Autostyles Convertible Tops
Classic Tube
WhitePost Brake Cylinder Restoration
Restoresource Brake Resleeve Service
Hawk Brake
Sierra Specialty - Brake Cylinder relining
World Wide Auto Parts Madison - Scant collection
Import Auto Supply - Mostly Sunbeam, but very helpful to Hillman Owners too!
Key Men - Even for Hillmans! (Go here to see samples)
Kip Motors - High priced, but handles many hard-to-get parts.  Watch out for the window seals as they are slightly undersized due to being modeled from old, shrunken samples.  They will work, but are best for professional installation.  Pro-active help. though.  You get what you pay for most of the time.
H.D. Rogers & Sons - Highly recommended.
NOS Lucas Parts
WEFCO Rubber - Remanufactured Hillman Husky sliding side window rubber.   Die # 1245A is the special channel - Die # 4512 from special display board #3 is the glass setting or filler channel
British Parts Chicago (Not on Web), 2311 West Belmont, Chicago, IL, 60618, Phone: (773) 404-2345
Triangle Auto Supply (Not on Web), 401 East Arlington, Yakima, Washington  98907   Phone: (509) 248-5479
Victoria British - Few Minx parts, but their web site often does not work, so you have to call to make an order.
Moss Motors - Mostly MG bits but some work in a Minx.
Other Source (Not on Web) - There's (reportedly) a guy in Vermont (Mike Bonnaducci, phone 802-439-5815) who is a Brit part vendor. He says he has piston, rings, bearings, thrust washer sets, gaskets etc for almost everything. He bought out a large parts house some years ago. This is his busines now, his competition is Matt in Ohio who has the email alwaysjaguar, I think. He also has 3 rusty parts cars (non Rootes) for sale behind his barn for $400-$500 each ('76 Austin taxi, '59 Morris Woody, '64 Herald conv). He has email but doesn't check it much, and doesn't have a digital camera.

U.K.  Hillman Parts Suppliers

Alpine West Midlands
BrakeAway Supplies
Gower and Lee - Carburetor Schematics!
Heated Windscreen - Windshield glass for Hillmans!
Past Parts
R.J. Grimes 
Speedy Spares Services Ltd. - 19-25 Old Shoreham Road, Portslade-by-Sea4, 17889 East Sussex BN41 1SP, England Fax:01273 412764, Phone: 01273
Powertrack - 48 Straight Road, Old Windsor, Berkshire, U.K., 01753-842680.  Specialty are brake master and slave cylinders, steering and suspension parts for Rootes range cars.
Bresco Vehicle Services supply exterior and interior trim clips, fasteners, fixings and motifs for automotive restoration projects

Australian Hillman Parts Suppliers

Scotts Old Auto Rubber - Best to deal with by telephone or email.  One report of poor service when visited in person.
Grippy Rubber - Northmead,( Phone 61 2 9683 3407) Sydney Australia. Remanufactures automotive rubber sealsa and make seals for Hillman quarter lights. They are not moulded but extruded.  You must use two types of extrusion, cut as required for the window to open, and join with Loctite glue. Also stock door, boot, bonnet, windscreen and rear rubber seals for Super Minx, Vogue, Minx and Rapier.

Canadian Hillman Parts Suppliers

MacGregor British Car Parts - 55 Head Street, Dundas, Ontario L9H3HB Canada, Phone: 905-627-4006
Rob Martel - Supplier of new floor pans for Hillman Minx Audax cars and Alpines.

Holland Hillman Parts Suppliers

Rootes Parts - Rootes Parts Service A.Malherbe
Hoefbladhof 27, 3991 GE Houten Holland  Tel +31-6-28331587
Fax +31-30-2721057