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Inky Dinky Hillmansmintbox.JPG (11435 bytes)< Made by Lesney, three or four variants of the "Hillman #43A" introduced in 1958.  These two I own,  based on the 1957 Silver Jubilee Minx, the first of the "Series" Minxes with Audax styling.  The blue one (far left) is an earlier production model because it has metal wheels, while the green one has plastic wheels.  The Dinky Cars version is #175 and an outstanding Mint example with it's box is pictured to the Right. >




The third primary variant of the Lesney Series is a solid lime green color, as shown on the right.  All of the Dinky models have a trailer hitch on the back.   They are 1/43 scale and measure about two inches in length.

Hillman Super Minx Convertible

< Hillman Super Minx Convertible

Made by Lansdowne (United Kingdom) No. LDM 13 White metal, Scale 1:43

Hillman Minx "Mark" Saloon

Hillman Minx Saloon >

Made by Lansdowne (United Kingdom) No. LDM 10 White metal, Scale 1:43


This Matchbox-sized Minx model is of a Series IV or later Minx - a body style resulting from the Chrystler "moderization" of the Series Minx line.


Here is a Japanese Variant with a plastic body, painted "chrome", full interior and metal chassis.  Found photos on Ebay - a rare toy model of a Hillman Series I Minx.

newblue.JPG (9132 bytes)newblue2.JPG (12383 bytes)



This is one example of a new line of Series Minx IIIC models from Vanguards of Great Britain.  In addition to the model shown there is also a red/cream color and a Police Car version.  Very detailed and targeted for the collector, instead of the small child, these models make a fine addition to any collection and are extremely affordable.  I bought mine for under $10 (U.S.) apiece brand new in a sealed box from a U.K. store that had Internet Shopping available. 

Just do a web search with Google and you'll find lots more info and pictures on these "Matchbox" sized cars, and others.