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My "NEW" 1959 Hillman Minx Series III Deluxe Saloon
Firewall Plate: A1938467HLSX / Motor: A1981341HLSX / Body:MFAS339587

NOTE:  I sold this car on Ebay in 2007 and it is now located in Florida with a new owner.

After knowing this car was for sale for over 6 months, I succumbed to the inevitable.  Who could resist buying a virtually new 40 year old car with only 21,000 original miles from the Son of a Rootes Dealership operating in 1959?  My first car, a 1959 Hillman Minx Series III Special, was the "entry level" car.  This car is the "Deluxe" model of the same year.  In 1959, when this car was built, I was finishing my Senior year of Junior High School.  It was as a High School Senior that I would own my first 1959 Hillman.  To think that this car has survived all this time in the caring hands of a Rootes Dealer who took such excellent care of it is beyond imagination.   This fascinating story is made more so due to the fact that the original dealership it was sold at was  located in Canada!  More specifically, "Garage Nelson" located at 89 Nelson, Jonquiere, Quebec.  What are the odds?


Having been saved from the harsh Canadian Winters by indoor, heated storage made one difference.  Being given a professional laquer respray in the original colors in 1978 and participating in several concours competitions up to 1985 also helped.   The motor has been replaced and fitted with many accessories borrowed from the Rootes Singer line.  The Heater box and Radiator appear "borrowed" as well and are "top of the line" units.

The colors are Powder Blue and Corinth Blue exterior and matching interior color combinations.  The options ordered included Whitewall tires, Fender Mirror, License Frames, Windscreen Washer, Cigar Lighter w/Console, and Fog Lamp and Bracket (not shown - but in my possession).  According to original documentation that came with the car, it was ordered February 4, 1959 and delivered the following June 


Another bonus is the many Rootes "Special Accessories" and miscellaneous items added later:

Overrider gaskets
Dual exterior rearview mirrors
Rootes Series Minx Tool Kit
Rootes motor hand crank
Singer chrome valve cover and oil filler cap
Rootes AM radio and speaker set with ash tray mount underneath
Tube of Rootes Touch-In Brush Powder Blue paint (Part #5240162) (Circa 1959)
Can of Rootes Brush On Paint - Azure Blue (Part #5240162) (Circa 1959)
Rootes replacement firewall to hood gasket
Rootes "Hillman" logo rear wheel mud guards (not currently mounted on car)
Can Lockheed Series 329 Hydraulic Fluid (Circa 1959)
Tube Girling Brake Grease (Circa 1959)
All original Stickers, including window mounted shifter instructional decal still on car.
Original Spare tyre still in trunk (has some wear, however - but tread is not worn down)
Ist set of contact points retained with car in original Rootes box from replacement set
1st set of spark plugs retained with car in original Rootes box from replacement set
Rootes Owner's Manual, Original Dealer CAR ORDER FORM
Rootes "New Series Minx Workshop Manual".
Rootes Series III Tool Kit in cloth  pouch
(Spark plug spanner/handle, points/plugs gapping tool, phillips head screwdriver, tyre valve tool and hubcap pry bar)
Rootes Rapier style chrome gas filler tube surround     


It is a most revealing and pleasant experience driving this car.  Due to it's like-new condition, it operates as the factory intended a Hillman Minx should  - quietly, solidly, precisely, and smoothly.   All with that distinctive British exhaust note I remember so well - (from fitting new valves and seats, new timing chain and tensioner, new water pump, new exhaust system and gasket, new clutch, new starter and new charging system to my first car) - and this Minx is even quieter, and more responsive (of course).  What an unbelieveable and rare find.   I am still in shock, but very glad to have it.   I hope to show it at British car meets within safe driving distance beginning next Summer - as weather permits.  Be assured this Minx will not see rain or snow.  Go Here for a larger shot of the Engine bay from the side (90k).

Outside Garage on Summer Day

Replacement tail light assemblies (exposed rivets) in Red for US Market

Rear View

Special Accesory Switch console provided cigarette lighter, windshield washer pump handle, accessory lighting switch and 12v plugs on bottom.  One of the accessory holes contains a blank filler.


Original Spare (?) apparently well used and the screw-type jack with factory "remove" label still attached.  This is assumed to have been re-done for show points.

The very rare sticker on the inside of the windscreen on the driver's side that describes the unique pattern of the column mounted 4-speed shift.

Side view